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In an instant, one is welcomed into the warm embrace of our coastal cuisine and culture, rich in nature’s harvest and steeped in tradition that honors honest ingredients brought fresh to you daily and expertly prepared with modern techniques.


Oita, Japan, a place of natural bounty, is a geographically diverse region with inland mountains and a uniquely featured coastline on Kyushu Island in Southern Japan.


It is best known for its nearly 5000 pristine hot springs that refresh the land and sea with minerals and nutrients. A famous Haiku poem by K. Takahama gives great insight into this unique area; "In the sea there is pure spring water and fish grow."


This lush environment produces some of Japan’s most desired natural ingredients. The most prominent being fish, beef, citrus, mushrooms and grains that are registered household names and recognized as the best in Japan.


From the sea’s bounty, "Seki Aji" and "Seki Saba" are beautiful fish gently line-caught to ensure quality and freshness in the sea of Hayasui’s fast tidal currents. "Fugu" from the sea of Usuki in southern Oita is recognized as one of Japan’s premier delicacies.

Oita’s vast forests produce a harvest of Kabosu citrus as well as Japan’s most bountiful Shiitake mushroom crop. The Bungo region produces deliciously marbled beef and is the origin of Wagyu, the world’s most famed beef. Playing a vital supporting role to the area’s cuisine, Oita's "Mugi Shochu," crafted from quality grains and local spring water resulting in smooth flavor, is nationally recognized as the most popular of the four pillars of traditional Japanese spirits.



“Our vision is to offer you the best of Oita, which is brought fresh to you daily and prepared with modern techniques.”

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