Old Style Rice Cooker displayed at the Entrance.
Old Style Rice Cooker displayed at the Entrance.

'Rustic Modernity'


You are immediately welcomed by our contemporary interpretation of a historically grand dining house featuring the endeavors of true craftsmanship. Great attention to detail is presented in the thoughtful incorporation of Oita’s many raw materials. From its forests, extensive rich woodwork and traditional crafted bamboo steamers blend the elegant with the rustic. From the quarry and beaches, stone and sand are refined into the floors and walls.


Entrance & Shop Chef's Counter Seating (Seating for 10)
Here you can find hand selected products that demonstrate Oita’s renowned craftsmanship. Items range from ceramics created using sand from naturally-pulverized rock to the unique flavors of local beverages and condiments. The scalloped chairs and ample elbow-room make this area not only comfortable, but provide the diner with an unobstructed and intriguing view of the chef’s at their trade.
坐来杉の間 大分県産の杉を利用してつくったテーブル。落ち着いた空間です。
The Cedar Room (12 person)
- Private Dining Rooms -
The Stone Room (8 person)
- Private Dining Rooms -
This spacious and rustic room features rich cedar floors, table and woodwork all from the dense forests of Oita. It also is accented with relief-cut bamboo shutters and Kabosu citrus motifs. This room demonstrates the warmth and comfort of the carpenter’s hand. This modern room features a floor of laid stone from an Oita quarry and warm walls finished with fine golden sand. It also offers a pass-through view of the foyer through our glassed Sake cellar.

坐来メインダイニング 8階からの夜景が極上 九州・大分の美味しい料理を夜景とともに堪能下さい。
Grand Dining Room(Seating for 36)
This spacious and chic dining room with tall ceilings and large windows offers delightful views of Ginza. Its features include substantial cedar tables that rest above a herring-bone floor.
Seating at Zaria is non-smoking.
For those who wish to smoke, there is designated area near the entrance of the restaurant.
Dress code: We kindly request that guest wear proper footwear and refrain from entering with beach / sportswear.